Who We Are
ProSeed Advisory is a Cairo-based corporate finance house that specializes in investment advisory, strategic planning and tactical capacity building services for medium-sized enterprises.
We take an expansive view of what’s a mid-sized enterprise: Our clients are as likely to be small companies making the transition to mid-size as they are national companies looking to become regional players.
At the most basic level, we are specialists in helping our clients take their businesses to the next level.
ProSeed Advisory provides businesses with access to new pools of finance while creating the practical playbooks on which success is based. We develop the business plans, structures, systems and benchmarks that are the basics of growth — and coach top-level managers on how to execute from that playbook.
On the investment advisory side of the house, ProSeed is the partner of choice for business owners, shareholders and leading financial institutions alike when they look to buy or sell a mid-sized business.
Our team has solid experience in the four interlocking fields that are the basis of everything we do: investment banking, corporate finance, strategic planning and hands-on management coaching.
Although ProSeed Advisory offers stand-alone investment and business advisory services, our clients get the most out of our team by viewing us as corporate coaches playing key roles throughout the business cycle.
In Your Corner
Find out why we consider ourselves “Corporate Coaches”
Three’s the Magic Number
Our 3-step evaluation methodology is built for success
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